Thank you for visiting the website of Chizu Express Co., Ltd. Chizu Express is a railroad company founded under public-private cooperation by three prefectures, i.e., Tottori Prefecture, Okayama Prefecture, and Hyogo Prefecture, municipalities concerned, and private companies. The Chizu Line is 56.1 km long from Kamigori Station in Hyogo Prefecture to Chizu Station in Tottori Prefecture and has 14 stations in total including Ohara Station in Okayama.

Chizu Express is in operation of trains jointly with JR West, including the Super Hakuto, a limited express train famous for its streamline style providing a great panoramic view. The Super Hakuto runs from Kyoto Station in Kyoto, an international tourism city that has once been a historic ancient capital of Japan with many World Heritage Sites and a history of 1,000 years, to Tottori Station in Tottori, a city famous for its sand dunes, and Kurayoshi Station in Kurayoshi, a city with old streets. The Super Hakuto stops major stations in Osaka, Kobe, and Himeji as international tourism cities, and goes through the Chizu Line on its way to the destination. Tottori Prefecture is a place of scenic beauty blessed with rich natural surroundings and has plenty of hot springs, attractions, and fresh and delicious food.

The Super Inaba, a limited express train of JR West, runs from Okayama Station in Okayama, a city famous for Korakuen Garden as one of Japan’s three greatest gardens, to Tottori Station through the Chizu Line.

All trains on the Chizu Line run through the Chugoku Mountains where natural beauty is surrounded by lush greenery, seasonal flowers, and birds, and passengers can see the idyllic original scenery of Japan. There are many sightseeing spots with rich nature, a long history, and culture along the Chizu Line. You can see old highways and townscapes as well. Enjoy your train trip on the Chizu Line.